Thursday, 9 December 2010

A garden tick

Looked out into the garden first thing this morning and there, just under the patio window, raking amongst the leaves by the step,  was not as expected a Blackbird,  but something much bigger - a Woodcock! A new one for the garden. They are frequently seen flying over the house, roding, at dusk in the spring and the odd bird flies  over in late autumn but this is the first to be actually in the garden.
The front street at Chester-le-Street continues to produce birds too, as this morning, in addition to 2 Grey Wagtail among 30 Pied Wagtail, a flock of 20-odd Canada Geese flew over heading south.  Unfortunately
there was no repeat performance of yesterday's Red Kite.


  1. Followed up your superb Kite & played a hunch that if it went East it may find its way to the tip at Houghton... no such luck
    However, i took the time to scope across looking west, from the hilltop & located a kettle of 13 large birds over Lambton Estate / R.Wear area - a dozen Buzzards & 1 Red KIte.
    Hope you see the Kite again close to home - it would be a great bird to have sail over the garden.

  2. Excellent. This part of the valley should hold many more raptors than it has done recently though I reckon the kettle you had is only because there will have been no shooting due to the snow. I wish I was wrong and this is the start of many more birds.