Friday, 7 January 2011

Feral Swans and roosting Wrens

Cold, wet, and a bit of snow, not ideal watching weather and to prove it an hours wandering produced very little, in fact nothing that I haven't already already seen this year.
I did get another email regarding the Whooper Swan down at the riverside park. It had been rung on 26th August (not September), this year on the river Ouse at Cawood, York. Not surprisingly with it's tameness and now it's ringing date, this is a feral, not a truly wild bird. There was a similar tame and ringed bird I saw in Gateshead a few years ago. This bird was also a feral Yorkshire bird, this one had been rung at Fountains Abbey near Ripon.
Back in the garden, a pair of Chaffinch have taken up residence and seem to be ever present despite the Robin's attempts to evict them. Whilst watching the antics late this afternoon, two Wren appeared but instead of feeding around the back fence as usual they quietly sneaked into a nest box by the pond. They never came out again so I'm assuming I have a wren roost in the garden. No more appeared, a pity, as roosts like this have had 20 plus birds, three layers deep inside the box.

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