Sunday, 27 May 2012

A pleasant walk on the fell

The nice weather continued and a very pleasant morning was spent wandering around the fell.
Most of the summer visiting birds have arrived in their usual numbers but the House Martins are still scarce. I heard at least 4 Cuckoo calling and watched a Tawny Owl being chased through the woods by a posse of Jays, Blackbirds and Chaffinches but probably the best bird was a Red Kite soaring over the Cong Burn Woodland.

Red Kite over the Cong Burn

Dingy Skippers were at their usual spot on the fell and more unusually there was one feeding on the Common Daisies by the side of one of the rides through South Burn Woods. Try as I might I could not find any Green Hairstreaks today but the commonest butterfly was the Wall, I saw them all over the fell this morning.

Dingy Skipper - at a new site in the South Burn Woods
I did put the moth trap out again last night having taken the previous night's catch away for a walk and released them away from the garden. The first hawkmoth of the year, a Poplar Hawkmoth was present as was an Iron Prominent amongst the increasing numbers of Heart & Dart & Shuttle-shaped Darts and a normal coloured Pepper Moth

Poplar Hawkmoth

Iron Prominent

Also in the trap was a Cockchafer. It's always this month they appear, hence their other name of May-bug.

Standing by one of the new bunds at Wanister Bog turned up both Large Red and Blue-tailed Damselflies 

Large Red Damselfly

amongst the vegetation and the large stand of Water Horsetail

Water Horsetail

and with that tiny longhorn micro moth Adela reaumurella , waving it's antennae around.

Adela reaumurella

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