Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Foxglove beacon in the gloom

I took my sweep net out onto the fell today with the intention of sweeping the heather but the wind and showers made that a waste of time. Not a day for invertebrates at all with no butterflies or hoverflies around.  The only moth around was the micro Cydia ulicetana.

Cydia ulicetana

Still good numbers of Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs singing but their cousins, the Sylvia Warblers were all but silent apart from a couple of Blackcap. Not much else of note except  Great-spotted Woodpecker and Willow Tit in the wood and about 80 Swift feeding over the fell.
A walk into the Fell Edge wood, thats the bit of the wooded South Burn on the fell side of Waldridge Lane, showed how much the water level rose during the storm the other day. Half the the vegetation was covered in mud, now mainly dried grey-brown, making the whole area even darker than usual and looking like the ash covering following  a volcanic eruption.

Everything was covered

But there like a beacon in all of the gloom was a single albino Foxglove.

The roses along Waldridge Lane are at their peak now with Rosa sheradii, canina and caesia  and their hybrids all putting on a good show of white through to dark pink flowers.


  1. Thats exactly how our ground floor looked after flooding.

  2. John,
    We forget we were lucky compared to many the other day. Knee high in water during the storm crossing the road but that was nothing compared to what you must have had to put up with.

  3. I'm sure there were many worse of than ourselves.......there alkways is. I was looking at the contaminated belongings in peoples gardens in the cul de sac and thinking " It can all be replaced" but getting out there with the birds and other wildlife can't. Put things in perspective a little.
    Thanks for your kind comment Keith.........and keep the posts coming.