Sunday, 14 October 2012

Snapping at my heels

Still got cold and a walk around the fell didn't clear it but it's still nice to get out. I say that but to be honest I'm getting really cheesed off with the amount of uncontrolled dogs allowed to run free on the fell at the moment. I had three horrid things barking, leaping up and snapping at my heels and the owners just aked where my dog was and acted surprised when I didn't have one, saying they had never done that before. Like I believe that and anyway is that an excuse? Quite simple, if you can't control it don't let it off it's lead and I think that applies to the majority of dog owners these days. Also a). please pick up your dog &%^* and b). if you do, please don't hang it from the nearest tree. Right that's today's moan over with.

Most of the morning was over the back of the fell, in the SW corner. The little pools still held a number of Common Darter, with 2 pairs in tandem egg-laying and several un-mated males.

Common Darter on my camera bag

Pair Common Darter in tandem before egg-laying

There's still a surprising number of  Speckled Wood getting the last of the autumn's heat where it's sheltered and sunny around at the moment.

Speckled Woods

Two small groups of Lesser Redpoll were seen and in the Felledge Wood my first Fieldfare (3) and Redwing (5)  together with a suprsing number of Song Thrush were in the trees. It's unusual that I saw my first of the autumn in this manner as opposed to them flying over having heading west.

One of the hedges held a nice mixture of birds which kept darting into the adjacent stubble field and flying back up again. Amongst the House Sparrow, Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting and Starling were 4 Tree Sparrow, my first on the fell since 2009. Several Sparrowhawk were seen today and Skylark were the most conspicious in some time.

Tree Sparrow (top bird with the black cheeks) with House Sparrows

Flora-wise, a few still in flower including both Red and White Clover, Hogweed, Wild Angelica, Common Ragwort, Foxglove, Red Campion and my latest ever Upright Hedge-Parsley.

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