Sunday, 4 November 2012

Roof top Nature

With the dark nights it's weekend only nature watching most of the time till spring now.  Recently it's been looking at what has popping into the garden but so far it's been rather quiet.

Dunnock in the garden

A (or the) Grey Squirrel has been quite regular, not only raiding the bird table but generally scurrying around the garden.

Grey Squirrel - 9 out of 10 for attempted cuteness

It has taking the habit of scrambling onto the roof if it's disturbed instead of leaving all together.

Rooftop Grey Squirrel

Today I went to the coast of the outside chance that a reported Lesser Kestrel was going to be around at Marsden. Of course it wasn't but I took the opportunity of heading a couple of miles south to a garden in Seaburn where a Bee-eater has been present for a couple of days. Instead of either being in Africa or at least well on it's way, its feed on wasps still around in gardens in Sunderland.

Bee-eater at Seaburn

Like the garden Squirrel it was also using the rooftops to view it's surroundings.

Rooftop Bee-eater

I know which I would prefer on my roof.

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