Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fewer is better

The morning was spent on the fell trying to get a few more species added, though that was after getting the birds of the day whilst I was down in the town centre early on. Near the hospital a flock of 18 Waxwing flew over, circled over ARGOS, then back towards the hospital.

By 10:30 I was on the fell, covered in mud as everywhere is not just wet but flooded. Several inches of soaking sticky mud making walking very difficult on every path or area of grass. The ponies and Highland Cattle are doing a fine job of tramping and churning up the area. Just what's needed.

Looking quite pleased with a job well done

The next best birds of the day were a group of 4 Crossbill, all green birds calling a characteristic  'chip-chip-chip' as they  flew over the South Burn Woods. A Willow Tit called and showed in the thick scrub, more than it did yesterday.
On the fell, a  few other birds also showed which they didn't do on the 1st including KestrelGoldcrest, Nuthatch and Siskin. 3 more Crossbill, I assume a different group, as one was red male, which also flew over.

Kestrel - one of 3 birds seen on the fell this morning

Other bits and pieces seen were the Yellow Brain (or Golden Jelly) Fungus, Tremella sp. probably T. messentrica and the Fairy cup lichen Cladonia fimbriata

Yellow Brain Fungus
Fairy Cup Lichen 

Certainly less species than yesterday but the Waxwing and Crossbill were better birds and my bird list is now 54.

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