Saturday, 25 February 2012

One Mouse, one Bee

I have been a bit poorly, but now a good bit better, just as the weather is starting to warm up. It was 12C overnight so I had to put the moth trap out. I switched it off at midnight but it was still empty by then.
This morning I had just returned indoors having put some food out for the birds when our regular  Wood Mouse appeared and started to scoff the seeds on the ground and put on a fine show.

Our Wood Mouse 

A Song Thrush was also an early visitor as it was still dark at this point.  I know some butterflies have been seen in the county this week and hoped one might put in an appearance at some point today but apparently I am going to have to wait. I will not have to wait for my first Bumblebee however as a queen Buff-tailed Bumblebee was seen feeding on the garden Daffodils.

Song Thrush  in the garden


  1. Sorry to hear you`ve been unwell, Keith. But pleased to hear you`re now better.
    Great Wood Mouse pic.

  2. Cheers Dean, must be honest I am the World's worst patient, but the little rise in the temperature outside really does seem to perk you up. Just setting off now for a British Bryological Society field trip, should be fun