Sunday, 12 February 2012

Running about all over the place

Not much on my walk around the fell today but not surprising as there was a  meeting of the Northern Navigators Orienteering Club with all the car parks full and people running all over the place. The paths are very muddy and thats before they start doing what they do and despite it being 6C all the pools are still frozen so no chance of any Snipe.
Several Great spotted Woodpeckers were drumming but rather worrying I have still to get Green Woodpecker here this year. They have been rapidly declining the past few years in the area. A Tree-creeper in Felledge wood was new for the year however. Willow Tits were also very vocal with birds at 3 different spots in the Daisy Hill area alone. 32 Common Gull along Beaney Lane may well be already on the move back north.

One of today's Great spotted Woodpeckers

Back in the garden, one male Blackbird has included the garden in his territory and is currently seeing off any rivals and not only other male Blackbirds. He is also getting bolder coming right up to the patio door.

The Boss 

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