Sunday, 22 April 2012

Come rain & hail

Yes it rained again, most of the day on & off  in fact, with a bit of hail for good measure.
A walk over the fell was never going to get me much apart from a good soaking. At long last most of the Blackcaps have arrived together with a few Willow Warblers.

Many of the spring flowers are now beginning to show, through very reluctant to fully flower in the rain. Wood-sorrel and Greater Stitchwort were both showing very well, the Bluebells are a few days behind, unlike the hybrid Spanish Bluebell cousins,  which are fully out in many spots in the woods, hedgerows and ditches, in the full range of white. pink and blue flower colours.
Greater Stitchwort

Still practising with the mosses and I managed to identify Wood Bristle-moss with it's old light brown capsules, strongly furrowed and with eight recurved teeth.

Wood Bristle-moss

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