Sunday, 15 April 2012

Microscoping flies

Been off-site this weekend tending a Hoverfly identification course with 11 other potential Hoverfly recorders. It might not sound much (to say the least), a weekend looking at dead flies through a microscope but everyone enjoyed it. Now all I need is the time to find some!
With me being away there was nothing much to report but I did hear a Willow Tit and saw it without binoculars this morning in the Millenium Park. It's the first time I have had one here. Apart from that the only things of note were a Common Buzzard over the Riverside Park on the way home today and yesterday a singing Blackcap in the South Burn Woods and the first Crab Apple blossom of the year. I  still haven't heard a Willow Warbler or seen a Swallow this year yet, and the last two moth trapping sessions both produced zero. Then again, it was snowing when I left for my course yesterday and today was sleet showers so maybe it's not really surprising.

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