Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Seven Suspected and a Waterless Boatman

Another decent night with the moth trap overnight, 165 moths of 51 species, having a couple of species later after I had tidied up everything.

New species for the year included -
Gold Spangle
Small Dotted Buff 
The Snout
Slender Brindle
Ruby Tiger
Mother of Pearl 
Garden Pebble
Orchard Ermine
Orange Swift.

Four of last nights moths, from the top
Orange Swift, Garden Pebble, Slender Brindle and Gold Spangle

Though not the first this year the best was a record count for me of seven Suspected. Though annual in the garden, this moth is generally regarded as local not only in the north-east but throughout it's UK range.

One of the Suspected

A few other invertebrates in the trap included a couple of Common Sexton Beetle (Nicrophorus vespilloides) and considering it did not rain and the garden was relatively dry, a surprise visitor to the trap was a Lesser Water Boatman (Corixa sp.).

A Lesser Water Boatman in the trap

Three Crossbill flew over the garden very early morning, not long after the local Tawny Owls had stopped calling, the latter having been particularly vocal since 22:30hrs the night before

Butterflies have been rather scarce on the ground due to the weather so a Speckled Wood by the main road was nice to see this tea-time.

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