Friday, 10 August 2012

Some birds at last and mothing away

It's ages since I've added a new species of bird to the Blog but I managed one last night. I heard it first, calling several times and getting closer, a 'teu-teu-teu',  then I picked up the Greenshank in my binoculars and watched it fly over and head south-east.  This is the first Greenshank I've had here since one at Tribley farm ponds in April 2003. With the 3 Crossbills the other day, at long last there are some decent birds around. Obviously the weather hasn't helped and probably most species have had a very poor breeding season. One species I thought would have had it bad was Willow Warbler, as they were generally late in this year and came straight into the bad weather. However, there were still a few singing in the woods today and a surprisingly amount of young birds, easily outnumbering Chiffchaffs.

I deserted Waldridge last night to do some mothing (and bat-watching) at Westfield Pasture SNCI. This is a damp pasture and wet alder woodland on the Tyne with similar moth species to the fell. The best of the night were Dingy Shell, Blue-bordered Carpet, Small Wainscot, Eudonia pallida, Brown China-mark and star of the evening Acleris holmiana.

Blue-bordered Carpet - showing both upper & underwing markings.
This is a local species in the NE but does occur in the
 Felledge Alder Wood on the fell.

Dingy Shell - another rather local species but does also occur on the fell.

A few bats were seen (many more were heard on the bat-detector) of course and included Common & Soprano Pipistrelles, Noctules and probably at least two species of Myotis bats. A couple of the latter, looking particularly pale grey underneath swooped over my head on a couple of occasions, giving excellent views.
It's coming up to the weekend and Sunday at least should be nice weather-wise so with a bit of luck maybe I can find something good at Waldridge the next two days...  Heres hoping.

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