Sunday, 16 September 2012

A Zebra on the window

 Too windy last night for the moth trap so I'll leave it until tonight, though I did see a couple of moths today as a Silver Y was found lurking in the greenhouse and a Nettle-tap amongst the nettles by the riverside. A few butterflies were out in the sun including 8 Speckled Wood, a few Peacock and a Wall.

Speckled Wood


A brood of Mallard ducklings with their mum on the Wear were late as were singing Chiffchaffs (4) and a Blackcap.  Only one Swallow flew over compared to several hundred last weekend.

Late brood of Mallard

Creeping Yellowcress was still in flower but the flat heads of Tansy and Yarrow were attracting most of the insects around.

Creeping Yellow-cress

Back home a Zebra Spider (Salticus scenicus) on the windowframe was enjoying the afternoon sun. This is a small  spider but with big attitude. It's said they have the best eyesight of all spiders and they will turn they head to look at you if you get close. This one did just that.

Zebra or Jumping Spider  Salticus scenicus

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