Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hoverfly ticking under the microscope

Rain this morning but it was dry, though cold, overnight. 3 migrant Silver Y were amongst the resident Lunar Underwing (first of the year), Pine and Red-green Carpets, Large & Lesser Yellow Underwings, Brown-spot Pinion, Flounced and Rosy Rustic, Light Brown Apple Moth and Mouse Moth in the trap first thing this morning.

Pine Carpet

Silver Y

Also a Common Green Lacewing

Common Green Lacewing

Stayed in early morning and checked a few of the specimens and photographs of Hoverflies from the Fell the last couple of weeks, under the microscope. And I added three new species for Waldridge, the latter was new for me - Myathropa florea (seen only yesterday by the river), Eristalis interruptus (now called Eristalis nemorum I think ) and Platycheirus scambus, the latter two both on the fell. My training weekend from the spring eventually being put to proper use.

Eristalis interruptus 

Myathropa florea 

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