Monday, 26 August 2013

Waldridge - 908 species - on the final straight

It's been a good month for the list and despite being away in Croatia for a while, I've gone past the 90% mark for my 1000 species in this Waldridge 1km square challenge

The moth trap has been most productive and even overnight last night gave me a few new for the year viz - 
Gortyna flavago (Frosted Orange)
Ypsolopha dentella  (Honeysuckle Moth)
Hydraecia micacea (Rosy Rustic)
Amphipyra tragopoginis (Mouse Moth)
Acleris emargana (a micro moth)
Mompha raschkiella (a micro moth)

Honeysuckle Moth

Dusky Thorn - there were 4 of this rather uncommon moth in the trap

 Having said that ,I am most pleased with the butterflies, having got everything I expected for in the square and after a fair bit of searching, I eventually added Purple Hairstreak to the 1ksq list having seen it juts outside the boundary earlier. I knew both this species and White-letter Hairstreak were lurking somewhere, but to get 22 species in my square is excellent.

Purple Hairstreak

 I'm also way past my expected bird list (by ten!) including a fly-over Yellow Wagtail yesterday which I thought I had dipped on as a bird in the spring did a U-turn meters away from the boundary. But not this one.
So it's the final straight and with me not back to work till next week and bit of effort I should not have to rely too much on bryophytes & fungi in the late autumn to get 1000 species.

This Garden Spider - Araneus diadematus in the garden is a particularly large specimen. The package all wrapped up is an unfortunate  Speckled Wood butterfly

Actual Expected
Birds   80 70
Vascular Plants   320 395
Mosses & Liverworts  41 50
Lichens   12 12
Fungi & Slime Moulds   13 20
Terrestrial Mammals   7 8
Butterflies   22 20
Moths   262 336
Dragonflies   9 9
Hoverflies   25 25
Other inverts   115 50
Amphibians & Reptiles   2 5
Aggregates & hybrids (not included)    21        
TOTAL 908 1000

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