Saturday, 12 October 2013

Streak and Geese

It's been a wet and windy week and the moth trap has only had two outings. The best of a small selection both species and numbers was one called The Streak, a moth I have not caught for a few years now.

The Streak

Still quite few Carpets still about with Common Marbled, Grey Pine and Spruce Carpets present both times I have trapped.

Grey Pine Carpet

There was an interesting small dark female Ichneumon wasp in the trap too. A tiny thing, black with red legs, the rear being very large compared to the others.  I suspect this is a species called Helconidea ruspator.

Ichneumon wasp [Helconidea ruspator?]
Despite the early Redwings last month and east/north-east winds, there have been very few passing through to date. This seems to be generally true for the north east with the majority of them arriving much further south this year, mainly in Kent and the southern counties. Indeed there have been more Skylarks passing over than thrushes this week, with two small groups again today.

The birds of the week were also today, with a group of 4 Pink-footed Geese in the stubble field at Beany Lane.

Three of the four Pink-footed Geese at Beany Lane

 A flock of 30 Linnet and 40 House Sparrows are also feeding in this field. Also of interest was a covey of 11 Grey Partridge in Smith's Field on Thursday.

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