Monday, 30 September 2013

The fungi and the dragonfly - its now 1002

Looking around on the fell yesterday seeing what else could be found (or at least identified) and managed another two species.

One was a fungi,  Fairy Ring Champignon (Marasmius oreades). This is a very common species, often on lawns, though these were on the path by Wanister bog. And its edible, though it must be cooked before eating.

The other species was a big surprise thought the habitat always seemed  perfect for them, it's the first time I have ever see it here despite much searching and indeed I have failed to come up with any old records either. This was a species of dragonfly, the Black Darter, and I was very happy with species number 1002

A Black Darter on the fell yesterday.


  1. Great find the black darters, one of me fave dragons, though in view of the history I would think there was a fair chance they'd just be wanderers rather than breeders. You never know though, certainly one to look out for next year :)

  2. Cheers. As far as the Black Darter, I must be honest I would be very surprised (gutted) if I had kept missing them the past 14 years so I think you're right Alan and this is a wanderer.