Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Waldridge 1000

 I've done it at last, I've seen 1,000 species in the 1km square at Waldridge fell this year.  This morning only a dozen or so moths were in the trap but amongst them a Rush Veneer, #1000. Previously a Green Sandpiper flew over and helpfully called which was 999 but I thought it would be some fungi this weekend that would take me over. It's been a hard slog but at last I'm there.

My 1000 breakdown


  1. Many congrats, puts my 100 to shame, but what's the challenge next year, a different 1000 ? Now that would be something :)

  2. Cheers Alan. Number 1001 was Black Darter. Despite years of searching as the habitat is spot on , two seen yesterday afternoon were my first here. I've looked back historically and I never found any old records either, but they had to have been here. I got a couple of pics which I'll put up later.

  3. Very well done :) great read along the way.