Wednesday, 4 September 2013

3 more - 958 and one that got away?

The moth trap had nearly 200 moths in it but well over half were of 2 species, Large and Lesser Yellow Underwings but inside the trap was a new species for the year, Barred Chestnut. The best moth however was the first moth I saw this morning, a male Vapourer, sitting on the outside of the trap. I have seen this species flying over the trees at the fell but this was the first to grace the garden.
In addition there was a pretty little Picture-wing fly which after checking turned out to be Herina lugubri.

Quite a few Swallows and House Martins flying south today, and though I will not count it, I am quite sure I heard a Tree Pipit overhead. I only heard the call twice and could not see the bird but I
reckon that is what it was

So the three new species brings the total to 958.

Orgyia antiqua (Vapourer)
Diarsia dahlii (Barred Chestnut)
Herina lugubris (Picture-wing Fly)

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