Monday, 22 November 2010

Wonderful Waldridge Waxwings

Was told last night after dark about a flock of Waxwings just along the road by the roundabout near the Whitehills pub. I did say in an earlier posting that this spot is one of the best at attracting this species and sure enough they were there at first light this morning, feeding on the Sorbus by the roundabout. Unlike the ones last week that were happy to fly about after insects, this flock of about forty birds were stuffing themselves on the berries in the rain. There were about the same number of Starling in the trees together with 4 Blackbirds and a pair of Chaffinch. The Waxwings were still present later in the day and in this weather and with there still being plenty of berries, they should be around for a few more days. Having said that, knowing how quickly they can strip a tree of its fruit perhaps its more wishful thinking.... we'll see.

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