Sunday, 22 May 2011

Another wet & windy weekend

A little wander around today but not a lot about which isn't surprising considering the weather with it's heavy showers, strong SW wind and rather cold. Rather typical of May these days.
The best of the birds were a pair of  Grey Partridge and a singing Lesser Whitethroat which was elusive whenever I approached and even did some song-flighting as soon as I walked away. Just before one heavy squall, about 75 Common Swift arrived from nowhere and fed for about 5 minutes then disappeared again just before the rain arrived.

A pair  of Grey Partridges

I managed to flush a single Small Heath in the damp grass else the invertebrate count would have been zero. Picked up a few more plants for the list with Common Spike-rush, Ragged Robin, Northern Marsh Orchid, Guelder-rose, Smooth Hawksbeard, Hard Rush and Orange Hawkweed. At least this managed to push the list of plants I have had in flower around Waldridge past the 200 species mark for the year.

Ragged Robin

 OFFH List

Flowering plants - 201
Birds - 104
Butterflies - 13
Moths - 68


  1. Looks like we've been looking at similar plants

  2. Nigel,
    We certainly have. Hopefully we can get out a bit more over the weekend and get some more depending on the the darned weather.