Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Working hampers blogging

Back to work yesterday, so the amount of time I can spend the next few days on site will be severely hampered. In fact I was so knackered yesterday  I knew I couldn't face getting up early this morning to check the trap so I didn't put it out last night! Shame on me, I'm becoming a wimp.

The grass verge around the corner had a dozen Speckled Woods along a 100 yard stretch yesterday teatime, flitting around in the last of the sun and the Common Swifts have now arrived big style with 30 wheeling around overhead and nearly 100 in the town centre yesterday and again this morning.  As I checked everything was ok with the trap this evening, I heard a Grasshopper Warbler singing close by, in fact in the paddock about 50 metres away, though not actually in the garden, it is sort of a garden tick. Skies are clear, the moon shining and my little weather centre predicting a drop to 8C overnight, I'm not too optimistic there will be much in the trap in the morning , but we'll see.

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