Friday, 20 May 2011

Common terns, poppies and cat's-ears

The moth catch overnight had not improved much with just 6 moths but included another Pale Tussock, my third of the year. Nothing else but presumably one of the nearby male Blackcaps was flicking around in the Plum tree in the garden and sang briefly before flying off.
In the town centre this afternoon I had a little bit of time to spare so checked some of the back streets for the odd pavement weed or whatever I could find. I managed to add Common Red Poppy, Common Cats-ear, Lesser Trefoil, Tall Fescue and Snow-in-summer, together with the colony of  Greater Burnet-Saxifrage near the train station to the year's flora list.. A family party of Goldfinch hopping around a bit of grass in one of the car parks. The best thing of the day was when I heard a screeching, repeated 'kyeer-kyeer' and I looked up to see three Common Terns flying over, heading north. Though not unusual inland I have seen very few around here and always along the river.

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