Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A bit of a Devil in the wind

Started the day in the car park of the vet, awaiting the result of our cat's enema - what fun. As I waited, a Nuthatch was calling in the wood opposite and I watched a family party of Long-tailed Tit playing dare with the passing traffic as they flew across the road and back.

A walk later was never going to produce much due to the strong southerly wind and occasional shower. Even the Swallows decided to stay indoors in the barn instead of sitting on the wires.

Sheltering Swallows

A nice patch of Devil's-bit Scabious was found on the edge of the South Burn, sheltered from most of the wind.

Devil's-bit Scabious
This clump saved the day as not only was it new for the year but acting as a very busy restaurant for flying insects, especially when the sun poked it's nose out. 3 Peacock and 6 Speckled Wood butterflies were feeding on it,

Speckled Wood
as were 4 species of Hoverfly.

Hoverfly - Eristalis pertinax 
This in turn is what probably attracted 3 Common Darters.

Common Darter

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