Sunday, 4 September 2011

Watery things

The moth trap was out overnight and 15 species managed to find a way in during the night. One was new for the year, a Brown China-mark. This is one of a small family of moths that are unusual in that their larvae are entirely aquatic feeding on water plants. Needless to say they are never far from water, and with all that rain ...

Brown China-mark
2 Marmalade Flies were also in the trap this morning.

Marmalade Fly
A brisk walk this afternoon along the river Wear in the park found that the Pink-footed Goose was still on the river but little else

Pink-footed Goose
except 3 Tufted Duck, a few Canada Goose and lots of Mute Swan and Mallard including a late new brood of the latter.

Mallard brood
A Hawker Dragonfly zoomed passed me but unfortunately was not seen again. I suspect it was a Common Hawker but will have to stay unidentified.
Still a few things in flower along on the riverbanks including some late flowering Wood Stitchwort, Creeping Yellow-cress and several of the knotweed family - Japanese Knotweed, Equal-leaved Knotgrass and Redshank

Three Knotweeds, Japanese (top), Equal-leaved Knotgrass
and Redshank (bottom)

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