Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dribs & Drabs

Bit delayed as this all relates to yesterday but I'm now on a shiny new computer. Not much about so just really seeing dribs and drabs at the moment.

The Moth trap in the garden was rather poor on Sunday night. The rain and wind and that I moved it to another part of the garden probably all had an effect on the contents.  17 moths of 7 species was the result, but even this poorish catch still turned out a new one for the year, the rather drab non-splendid micro-moth Cydia splendana.

A Chiffchaff was singing in the woods this morning and a Large White butterfly was on the wing. I managed to identify 5 species of Hoverfly but nothing new, the number of Marmaldae Fly have now dwindled down considerably. A few White-tailed and Carder Bumblebees were around and probably the most Honey-bees I have seen this year

The number of flowering plants was boosted by one more when I saw found the little patch of Green Speedwell by the road to the Leisure Centre.

The lists for Waldridge (on foot from house) for the year include

Flowering plants 335
Birds 104
Moths 233
Butterflies 20
Dragonflies 8
Hoverflies 14

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