Thursday, 15 December 2011

Car parks and flowerbeds

Frost in the mornings and the days continuing to get shorter (for another week) so not much chance of seeing anything of note. If however you see some strange soul with his head down looking in empty council flowerbeds and cracks in the pavement in the half-light, then its probably me. If it's not then they need locking up. So I'm still looking for more plants in flower and even managed another two today thanks to those said pavements and flowerbeds. The two in question, both very common species -
Black Medick  Medicago lupulina
Creeping Buttercup Ranunculus repens

The list creeps on to 31 for the month 

More Hogweed, with a few flowers
Black Medick
Creeping Buttercup


  1. Not happy walking about avoiding the cracks??
    Like normal people.

  2. Hi
    Thought I'd pass these snippets on :-
    Mick.H had male LSW with tit flock behind the Castle for 20+ mins
    Also recent Seal (!) seen & photographed on the Cricket ground stretch ! ( above the weir ! ? )
    Mink below road bridge & 2 fem-type Mandarin, & what looked like a Gadwall / Mallard hybrid in amongst the flotilla.
    Cheers Steve

  3. Johnny, I do get some funny looks - no idea why

    Cheers Steve, Habitat does look spot on there for lesser pecker.