Thursday, 1 December 2011

Flowers in the dark

Dark when I left for work and dark when I came back so not unexpectedly my start for my wild flower winter month's count was pretty rubbish. Having said that I don't recall ever looking for flowering plants in the dark before! I could have added some more but I am going to stick to my patch, so the list just managed to get going with the grand total of 4 species in flower -  
Daisy    Bellis perennis
Common Ragwort    Senecio jacobaea
Gorse    Ulex europaeus
Red Clover    Trifolium pratense


  1. All the best for adding to the list over the weekend, Keith. I`m sure you`ll manage a few more.

    Are we allowed to count naturalised garden escapes : Red Valerian etc ?

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