Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rain, hail, frost, snow and wind

Bit busy on the weather front and had one or more of rain, hail, frost, snow and wind the last few days, though none lasted very long, one of the others soon followed. I have seen no birds worth mentioning at all.

Desperately trying to add a few plants in flower to the list and managed, with some determination I may add, five new species -

Cow Parsley   Anthriscus sylvestris - in full flower but with a flowering stem of only about 9 inches.
Herb-Robert   Geranium robertianum - flowering in both a sheltered hedgerow and along the main East coats railway line
Sticky Groundsel Senecio viscosus- under a wall in the town centre
Common Field-speedwell  Veronica persica - on a field edge 

White Deadnettle  Lamium album - obvious very near the house, don't know how I missed it here earlier.

Herb-Robert (top) and Sticky Groundsel

The total now 27 species.

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