Saturday, 7 January 2012

Plodding away

The wind dropped a bit for most of the day, though it did have it moments, and that allowed to get 11 species of bird new for the year. but still no Song Thrush, Coal Tit etc.
There have been some White-fronts and a Bean Goose not too far away in Gateshead and yesterday were seen to arrive from 'towards Chester-le-Street' so most of the time was spent checking the fields. I though the Tribly farm ponds area might have them, but of sourse they didn't. Still 2 Grey Lag and a Teal were new for the year here. 1, probably 2 Common Buzzard were over the fell which also had Sparrowhawk and Kestrel. An immature Grey Heron and 14 Lapwing flew over  and a small flock of mixed Redwing and Fieldfare were feeding on the Rowan trees. Grey Partridge and 2 Stock Dove made up the rest of the new birds.


Common Buzzard

Plodding away at the wild flowers and Herb-Robin, Hazel, Ox-eye Daisy and Oil-seed Rape were all found today.

Hazel catkins

55 species of bird
19 species of flowering plant.

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