Friday, 30 March 2012

2 to 7 in 60 seconds

Another sunny March day but as I start to write this this evening there are white clouds moving in, could this be the end?
I managed a brief walk earlier hoping for a few butterflies as there were a few at work today, but I know it's only March so wasn't expecting many. But a 60 second spell, well it might have been 2-3 minutes  to be honest, increased this year's butterfly tally tremendously. My walk along by the big hedge near the house can be quite productive but todays jaunt, not only produced the Small Tortoiseshell & Peacock already seen this year but also a Comma, 2 Large and 5 Small White, a pair of Orange-tip and a Speckled Wood. The 30th March and I've seen seven species already this year, unheard of.  With an exceptionally early Holly Blue in Sunderland earlier today I have seen an amazing eight! A couple of Orange Underwing moths flittering around the tops of the birches nearby completed the lepidoptera list.

A lurking but first this year Speckled Wood

Good numbers of Bumblebees, including many Common Carders and 3 species of Hoverfly were also noted.

Queen Common Carder

The Nuthatch was calling frequently as usual and I managed to track him down for some decent views. Actually there were 2, so perhaps they are not nesting yet.


Plant-life is also waking up and the Wood Forget-me-nots and Slender Speedwell in particular are currently putting on a fine show.
Slender Speedwell

Lesser Celandine

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