Thursday, 1 March 2012

Moths at last

A nice sunny morning and though it was nearly cloudless last night and the temperature dropped to 2.1C,  I still put the trap out. At long last I saw some moths in 2012. Five to be exact, of 4 species - the micro Tortricodes alternella, plus 2 Oak Beauty and single March Moth and Yellow-horned Moth.

Yellow-horned Moth

March Moth

Oak Beauty

The local Tawny Owls have started to call as if they mean it at long last too. They have been relatively quiet so far this year, unlike both Great-spotted Woodpecker and Nuthatch that have been particularly conspicuous of late. I am concerned on the lack of Green Woodpeckers, I mentioned it last year and it's getting worse. Their numbers here have crashed of late. Only a few years ago there were 5-7 pairs within a short walk of the house. I have yet to even hear one this year so far. Last night I added another mammal to the year list with a Brown Rat in the town centre.

Goldfinch in garden

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