Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Waiting to be moved along

It looks like another fine day of sunshine and I'm stuck in work.
Tried a bit more of wandering around last night armed with a torch and a white sheet in a tin, hitting willow bushes ... aka moth-lamping. I'll get arrested one day, or at least talked to by the police, I'm sure. I remember a couple of years back all I was doing was photographing hoverflies... honest your Honour. These were feeding on Impatiens in the town centre near the market one day, on rough ground with a public footpath between me and the road. Some traffic was slowing down seeing what I was up to together with the odd silly comment. Before long I was asked 'to move along' by a policeman because 'I was distracting traffic'.  An appeal that it wasn't my fault, as I was 3 metres from the road on public land fell on deaf ears, and I was 'moved along'. So I'm sure it won't be long before I am reported as some dodgy character and moved along again. Anyway back to last night. The usual culprits ie various Orthosia species were present, though in smaller number of late, together with an Oak Nyctoeline and a small Double-striped Pug that flew around seeing what the fuss was all about before I potted it up.

Double-striped Pug
The only other things of note have been daily visits to the garden by a Grey Squirrel despite me now removing the bird feeder for the summer, though the Wood Mouse hasn't been seen since I did that. I can now hear 2, possibly 3 Chiffchaff from the garden as well as the non-stop drumming of the Great spotted Woodpecker and the various calls of the local Nuthatch. A Small Tortoiseshell joined the Peacocks in there on Monday.

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