Sunday, 17 June 2012

All work and no play

Two weeks of work and rain has meant no updates to the blog and a very depressed blogger. Today was no better, though a roding Woodcock over the woods this evening did cheer me up slightly. This cold and wet weather has not only  made the moth trapping a waste of time but for the first time since I moved here I will have failed to see Green Hairstreak at Waldridge. I think this species and others that usually emerge during May/early June will have really suffered but we'll not really know until next year. A Common Whitethroat's nest and eggs was found in a patch of Bramble and was occupied and dry but it's a bit late so may have been a first clutch relayed rather that a second round.

A Longhorn Beetle, Rhagium mordax did make an appearance on a cut down birch tree but was one the few insects that were around today

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