Sunday, 17 June 2012

A soaking, a near mauling and a new hoverfly

A walk today resulted in another soaking from the rain and just managing to escape getting bitten from two ginger dogs with their owner no where in sight till it was all over. I'm getting pretty ****ed off with the number of dogs that are not under any semblance of control from their owners  on the fell.
There's still a Cuckoo or two calling at the moment and a lot of birdsong generally, considering it's mid June. Often the warblers are near to stopping around now but Blackcaps, Garden Warblers and Chiffchaffs in particular are still singing their hearts out, as are Song Thrushes. A lone female Stonechat was the best bird seen.
Still cold and no butterflies seen today but a decent amount of hoverflies around including the bumblebee-mimic Volucella bombylans and Meliscaeva auricollis.  The latter was new for me and rather scarce in the county so a good record.

Meliscaeva auricollis

Volucella bombylans

 Another good record was the Longhorn micro moth Adela rufimitrella.

Adela rufimitrella

Other insects seen today included the Scorpion Fly Panorpa germanica. This female is similar to to other species but I think it's germanica on the amount of dark markings on the wing.

Scorpion Fly Panorpa germanica 

The Soldier Beetle Cantharis pellucida  was also seen here.

Cantharis pellucida

Cut-leaved Cranesbill

The first Ragged Robin and Bell Heather flowers have appeared and I noticed that I've never recorded the Cut-leaved Cranesbill, which is common enough and like good patch of Compact Rush (Juncus conglomeratus)  I just haven't mentioned it since I started this Blog.

Bell Heather

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