Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hovers and Aliens

A couple of escaped but established plants species were noted today in the showers and strong southerly wind. Druce's Geranium is well established on one of the embankments and I noticed today it has spread a good way futher along. The other species, which is more persisant than spreading is Alexanders. About 300 metres away from the geranium I found a clump here in 1984 and it was still present until 2008 where all of the vegetation including the decent sized clump of this umbellifer was cut down completely. I'm not sure how it got here because, even though it used to be a regular garden food plant it is rarely grown these days. Apparently, it is intermediate in flavour between celery and parsley. Despite looking annually there has never been any further sign of it but today, there it was again, only feet away from where it used to be. It grows wild in the UK, nearly always very close to the coast. but is rare in the North of England.


Still far too wet for butterflies and cold for moths but a few hoverflies continue to brave it. Amongst them were half a dozen Volucella pellucens and another first for me with Helophilus hybridus.

Volucella pellucens

Helophilus hybridus

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