Sunday, 17 February 2013

1000for1ksq for NZ2549

I like lists I do, at least when it comes to Natural History lists I do. My train-spotting list is and always will be zero. I even started a list of all species I had seen in the UK, which came to over 2,300 though this is a long way behind some of the big boys with at least 2 reaching the 10,000 mark. The other day I noticed a growing band doing this on a smaller scale, trying to get 1,000 species of everything (ie birds, mammals, flora, mosses, fungi, insects, spiders etc etc.) in a 1 ksq square. You can even count Homo sapiens as one of your 'ticks'. They're calling it 1000 for 1ksq.  Though I've left it a bit late, today,  I decided to keep a list of a square here at Waldridge. Eventually I decided to choose NZ2549 which includes a decent chunk of the fell, together with South Burn Wood, Wanister Bog, Felledge wood and of course, my house.
Like I said, I'm starting late with a number of people well in the 200s already, but there's no way I can compete with many squares anyway due to the lack of any coastline and a big shortage of standing water. But you never know what might get turned up, I might even get 1000 (though probably less than half of that]

So this morning, was spent in the field and the list got to 73 species

33 birds
29 plants
 4 mosses
 2 lichens
 3 fungi
 2 mammals

The best were 8 Tree Sparrows along Waldridge Lane, 2 Fieldfare and Willow Tit.
I still had my usual wander and didn't stay in the square so species such as a day-hooting Tawny Owl behind the stables did not count but there is loads still to see (and find).

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