Sunday, 24 February 2013

Snow and missing men halt the list

Yesterday, cleared some time so I could get my list going for my 1km square challenge, then it snowed of course. To make matters worse, the fell was rather busy with the police helicopter hovering overhead most of the time. ' DURHAM Police are today searching for a missing 28-year-old man. A force spokeswoman said officers are searching the Waldridge Fell area of Chester-le-Street in response to concerns raised for the man."Residents should not be alarmed at all," added the spokeswoman. More details are expected to be released later today', so it said in a police statement. 

The deep snow and much disturbance helped me with my persona of a grump old g*t. So as some lucky naturalists down south are quickly approaching the 300 mark, even after today I'm only at a measly 85. A Siskin being the best bird of the day.

Doing the 1km square and having so little time these days means even popping down to the riverside during the week where a female Scaup has been present is more like a twitch than a gentle stroll. Of course, I couldn't count it. Did see a couple of GreyLag Geese fly over the railway station earlier in the week but that was fine as I have actually got them on my list from the 1st January.

I was hoping today that most of the snow would be gone  and I'd try again to get to 100.  No chance. The list so far -

Birds   37
Vascular Plants   37
Mosses & Liverworts  4
Lichens   2
Fungi & Slime Moulds   3
Terrestrial Mammals   2

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