Saturday, 2 March 2013

A bit of sunshine

A bit of sunshine at last so I popped out for a hour or so to see what I could find.

A Willow Tit was calling in the South Burn Woods and the 5 Siskin  are still in that same tree as last week. I had a walk around the Brass Castle pond. Despite the sunshine and 6C temperature, there was still ice on the pond (and the other pools I checked too). A Jay got a bigger fright than I did as I crashed through the still dormant willows but I got a new bird for the square this year in the shape of a cock Reed Bunting. Marsh Thistle and Hard Rush were new plants for the year. Continuing to check for mosses,  a bit of a stream bank held a small Harts-tongue fern, only my second site on the fell for this increasing species. Wavy Bittercress was also present here. I soon came across the other, larger Harts-tongue fern and nearby, the best patch of Snowdrops in the area and my first Common Ragwort of the year. A common species of moss, Bi-coloured Bryum (Bryum dichotomum) was on the path.


Along Waldridge Lane, the deep pool on the Fell side was still frozen but the water was free at one end where a pair of Mallard were swimming. A Red Fox was seen nearby but only briefly and another Willow Tit was calling.

A five minute rummage around the garden when I got back,  before my weekend jobs and the shopping,  found me two  Snails, the Common or Garden Snail and the Garlic Snail (Oxychilus alliarius), 2 Lichens Xanthoria parietina and Lecanora muralis and 2 plants, Yarrow and Red Deadnettle.

My 1km square species list moves on to 118.

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