Sunday, 17 March 2013

Did I mention it's snowing again

This weather is not helping my 1km square list.  Still, I had 3 moths in the trap on Saturday morning, March Moth, Oak Beauty and a Hebrew Character. The latter 2 new for the year.

Rain, forced me back home from the woods after only getting Common Cat's-ear, Common Dog-violet, Common Mouse-ear, Ground Elder and Lesser Periwinkle plus 2 mosses Wood Bristle-moss, Broom Fork-moss and a lichen Cladonia chlorophaea.  I ended up scouring around the back garden looking for bugs and the like. Somehow I got another five with Shiny Woodlouse, 2 worms (Lob Worm and Green Earthworm)  and 2 land Molluscs (Large Rufous Slug, Strawberry Snail).

If that sound like I'm getting desperate, you're right. Oh, and it's now snowing.

Very few birds about, so this singing Reed Bunting in the woods was 'Bird of the week'

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