Sunday, 3 March 2013

Nocturnals in the day

 Put the month trap out for the first time this year and was rewarded with 3 moths when I checked it. 2 specimens of the micromoth Tortricodes alternella and a Spring Usher, my first of the latter since 2009. A Tawny Owl was very vocal last night and I saw another bird in the woods as I walked through them this morning. 2 Moorhen on the pool behind the fell car-park were new for my 1km square this year and it also held another singing Reed Bunting. The bird of the day was much later when heading back a Long-eared Owl flew out of a willow clump. This clump used to have a 'LEO' roost but its been some years since it was used. Must remember to check again to see if it is going to be used again. With Grey Willow in flower, Bog Pondweed in Wansiter Bog, Heath Star Moss nearby, the lichen Lepraria incana and a Common Rough Woodlouse in the garden
 the total is now 129.

Sadly the new Badger set I found last year has been dug-out. That's at least 3 that I know of that's had this fate.

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