Saturday, 6 July 2013

Improvement in moth numbers (at last)

52 species in the trap overnight, an improvement at long last. Included in the nice assortment was one I have never caught in the garden before - a Beautiful Carpet.

The Beautiful Carpet from last night

Aslo both Elephant and Small Elephant Hawkmoth, several Snout and a couple of Small Angle Shades

Small Elephant and Elephant Hawkmoth, Small Angle Shades and The Snout
Non-moths in the trap included a Lesser Boatman and a late Cockchafer.

Lesser Water Boatman

I was up early to check the trap and at 04:40hrs a group of 5 Crossbill flew over. and later, an Oyster-catcher did the same.

That brings my 1000for1ksq list for the year to 670 species

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