Saturday, 27 July 2013

White-letter Hairstreak

The moth trap was relatively quiet with only 2 being new for the year, though both Early and Purple Thorn and a nicely marked July Highflyer being amongst 46 species present. The two new one were Single-dotted Wave and Elachista atricomella .

Elachista atricomella

Single-dotted Wave 

July Highflyer

Purple Thorn 

Later a walk around the fell was more productive as quite out of the blue whilst checking the flat tops of a patch of Tansy for overflies I noticed a White-letter Hairstreak. Apart from seeing some larvae in the adjacent 1k square many years ago by the mine pond off Waldridge Road, this was a first for me (at least) for Waldridge. I was standing on Waldridge Lane at the time and just managed to get my camera out before a car went passed that made both myself and the hairstreak move. I managed to get a single shot off before it flew off. I did manage to get one quick photo.

White-letter Hairstreak

A Chiffchaff  and a Willow Tit were very vocal nearby, with a Tree Sparrow singing, if you can call it that, further up the lane. Three Curlew flew over calling too.

Tree Sparrow

Together with a few more plants and hoverflies seen, my number of species I have seen this year in the 1ksq at Waldridge is now 820, Only 180 o go for the 1000for1ksq challenge.

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