Saturday, 22 March 2014

Early Greys, Siskins and Greenies.

I put the moth trap out last night but not for long as it started raining and then the wind got up and started moving it around so I aborted. At least there were a couple of moths already caught, both Early Greys, so not a complete let down.

The Early Greys

The bird table is still fairly busy and the numbers of Siskins feeding are increasing on an almost daily basis. Trichomonias disease which seems to have killed off so many Greenfinches around here has not had the same effect on Chaffinches which are still quite common and continue to visit the garden. Having said that, the first 'Greenie' for a while was feeding here today with the Siskins.

Greenfinch and Siskin



  1. Had a few Siskins in my garden, great looking bird.
    Good photo...

  2. Thanks Amanda,
    the males can look really nice, even when photographed through the patio windows