Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hirundines despite the weather

Maybe I didn't have to wish for the cold winds and rain to stop before there were more signs of spring. Yesterday I popped down to the Riverside Park (actually Chester-le-Street sewage works) for Sand Martin and a Swallow. The Swallow, my second earliest ever, was flying around with about 25 Sand Martin in the freezing rain but they all seemed to be feeding well over the sewage pans and river. Numbers 90 & 91 for the year for my 'Chester year list'  made me feel that spring was here, at least on occasion, despite the weather.

Now for some Wheatears and Willow Warblers.


  1. I'm watching the sky's looking for my first Swallow, still waiting to hear a Chiffchaff !

  2. Good luck, It's hailstones, thunder and lightning here in Sunderland at the moment;-/

  3. Loved reading your blog! I live near Cong burn wood in CLS and have been trying to find someone with some knowledge of where and when to go to get the best wildlife sightings, and I think I've just found him (you) ! I'll get myself up on the fell with my binoculars and camera one day but what time do you suggest ?