Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More Trillers and its scorchio outside

A good start to the day as I walked along the Front Street in the town centre early this morning. A familair trilling call got me to look up to see a flock of Waxwing circling, then land in a tree at the south end, between Argos and the junction with Waldridge Road. I just finished counting them, 35 exactly, when they took off and headed towards the Church, or the riverside beyond.

One of the Waxwings in the Front Street 

A little fine drizzle when I got home but it was still mild, 9.2C so I hastly got the moth trap out and set up by 18:30hrs. A check 2 hours later revealed 5 moths, 4 March Moth and a Satellite.

One of a good catch of March Moths
The Satellite  

This moth overwinters as an adult and flies on mild days in the winter from about September until April. The 'satellites' are not always as prominent as on this one but I think it's an excellent name and one of my favourites

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