Thursday, 17 February 2011

Moths in a trap - at last

The lack of posts the past week or so is due to it being too cold ... being too windy ....being too wet ....  being too busy etc. etc. I have had the moth trap out several times but nothing turned up, until tonight. I put it out at 6pm until 11 and yes,  2 moths in the trap. My first ever non-March March Moth and a Dotted Border (Agriopis marginaria).The temperature helped, due to it being a bit milder, it was still 5.2C when I switched it off. Excellent.

March Moth
Dotted Border

It had been quiet the past week mind you, though the local Tawny Owls weren't on Monday and Tuesday night and the last few mornings have been quite loud too with the thrush family (Song & Mistle Thrush, Blackbird and Robin in particular) all singing their hearts out.

On the flora front, the first Snowdrops here only appeared this week, they were late but have appeared on mass, not their usual gradual emergence. It feels like everything, myself included are beginning to awaken from the winter - until it snows at the weekend!


  1. not good for moth traps by the looks of the weather forecast, might be good for tracking though, saw 2 roe stags down your neck of the woods 3 wk/ends ago, doe on opposite side of the fell, possibly the same girl that had a kid running around last year, also snipe on wannister bog

    all the best and a great blog site

  2. I had a stag yesterday but he was off as soon I saw him. They can certainly move when they want to but often they just gradually slope off.