Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Gropper, House Martin and a Speckled Wood

With the weather forecast better today I thought I've give it time to warm the land up and put the moth trap out tonight. It's been 5C the last couple of nights so I'm hoping for something a bit higher tonight. At 7:30pm its still 14C so it might be all right but the clouds cover isn't much. Excuses already and the trap isn't even out yet.!
A short look around this morning and again after work produced no less than two new birds for the year and
a butterfly year tick.
On the fell this morning a Grasshopper Warbler was singing by the nursery. I couldn't see it but with so little time I thought I'd try again tonight.. I did  try but it wasn't even singing. A second Common Whitethroat was singing however and my second bird of the year flew over, a House Martin. There's been a few around for well over a week in a few spots, but it was my first. On the way back a Wheatear, my second record of the year was on short grass behind the village. A few yards further on and I disturbed a Speckled Wood, butterfly number eight. A check for what appears to be the elusive Oil Beetle produced negative results again but there were still a few Tawny Mining Bees flitting about.
A couple of flowers were added. The only what appears to be a wild Crab Apple is now out in flower, I've known this tree for as long as I've been here. Also a Bird Cherry in flower, somewhat late compared to the other prunus this year and the dreaded Hybrid Bluebell in a ditch along Waldridge Lane.

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