Thursday, 21 April 2011

Waldridge Hairstreaks

A unpleasant start to the morning with a mist at dawn still as thick when I left for work. The temperature overnight again dropped to 3C as expected so I left the moth trap off last night.
The sun must have got out at sometime as it was warm and it was shining through the little haze it hadn't managed to burn off when I returned from work.  As it was still warmish and there were several reports elsewhere I went looking for Green Hairstreaks on the fell.  Surprisingly it did not take me long to find one and eventually got four. Often I have to work very hard to see them. Unfortunately they were very active and I could not get them to stay still long enough for anything decent in the way of a photo. With it being late and the air temperature cooling they disappeared as quickly as I found them. It must have been their last flurry of the day, so I disappeared too and will try again tomorrow. Tomorrow is day 1 of 17 days off work.

Green Hairstreak - a record shot  

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